Friday, March 14, 2008

Finding The Right Business Through An MLM Directory

Ok, a few days ago I talked about how to find the right home business business and today I'm going to continue that conversation by introduction the concept of MLM Directories. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or dad, retired and looking for something to do and make some extra money on the side, multilevel marketing can offer some interesting occupations that can be done at home in your spare time. Finding the right opportunity can be tricky as there are many scam artists out there that only want your money.

Multilevel marketing is a legitimate business model, sometimes referred to as franchising or affiliate marketing, that allows one person to become associated with a parent company. In order to use the parent company’s name, logo and other identifying information offers the franchise owner to be perceived as a legitimate company. In return, they are paid a commission on sales with different structures established by different companies.

Possibly the best way to find a legitimate multilevel marketing company is through an MLM directory, as once they have been determined to be fraudulent or dishonest in the representation of their business practices, they are removed from the roles of the directory. They may also be listed in another section of the ML directory that points out why they have been removed.

Certainly, some unsavory companies may slip into the list until the truth comes out, but until then they can take advantage of many unsuspecting home workers. Multilevel marketing with a legitimate company can be a great way boost income in your spare time, and which hours you work are not nearly as important as how many. Understand, no multilevel marketing opportunity can promise a large income based on no work and any that do will probably be removed from the MLM directories quickly.

Most MLM directories will list their members in alphabetical order, as well as by industry to give people a better chance of finding an opportunity in which they are interested. If the directory is well-sorted, they may also have a search function allowing visitors to find the opportunities in a given field by entering the type of work they are looking to do from home.

Most listings in an MLM directory will also have basic information about the companies, such as the years they began doing business as a multilevel marketing company and the type of product they or service they offer. The listing usually contains a link to the company’s home website for information about their product, their commission structure and how to become an independent distributor.

Some things the MLM directory may not include is the commission structure, the requirements to become a distributor and whether or not you have to buy the product in order to qualify as a distributor. However, the information in the MLM directory can offer a glimpse into a business and choosing to join is entirely up to you.

When looking through a MLM directory it is important to be objective in your search. You should never make any type of decision based on emotions as quite often they will result in making the wrong decision. If a topic or a product are close to your heart, you may not see some of the warning signs and end up part of a company in which you do not want to belong. Base any decisions on a business on facts.

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