Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Four Facts Every New Network Marketer Must Know

Success in any internet marketing adventure is not necessarily dependant on the tried and true characteristics that have marred the image of the industry. Pushiness and ruthless networking are actually not the hallmarks of network marketing that its detractors would have you believe they are. Instead, there are facets and aspects to successful MLM that are usually not addressed by those who might only have a cursory understanding of the industry.

As a matter of fact, there are four facts every new network marketer must know.1. Success or failure depends on the product you will be representing. Interestingly, there is no amount of book knowledge that will make up for hands on sales experience that can give you that innate sense of experience which will lead you to the product that is going to be a crowd pleaser for many months or years to come, and the explosively marketed fad that will be around for a holiday season and then thereafter become all but forgotten. While studying market trends and consumer behavior on paper will help, only actual sales experience will provide the familiarity with the way consumers think through purchases that can lead you to choose a MLM product which will be around for the long.2. Never choose a product that is only replaced on a limited basis. As odd as it may sound, stay away from items carrying lifetime guarantees. Consumers love them, but if you consider that the average well made Sears tool will not break no matter how badly you treat it, you can quickly see how there is only a limited amount of repeat business that you will enjoy. In MLM this might refer to exercise equipment or high end merchandise that is too expensive to purchase twice. 3. Pick your MLM Company with care. Forego the hype and instead invest some time in solid research. If the company has been around for a while, you will have a no-nonsense opportunity to chart the beginning of the company and also its growth. Stay away from companies that are in the decline. Similarly, and perhaps this may appear odd, stay away from companies that are experiencing an unprecedented spike of growth. This is just as detrimental to a MLM business as decline because the exiting network rarely is able to compensate for the spike in demand. 4. Last but not least, profit from the experience of the other network marketers. This kind of information may be found online at forums dedicated to marketers who want to share their experiences. Learn from these individuals and understand their reasoning. While they may be incorrect, it pays to understand how they may have made an erroneous decision as this will train you to not follow in their footsteps.

Even as those four facts every new network marketer must know appear to make a lot of common sense, they also showcase that there is a lot more to successful MLM than just selling and setting up a down line. Meticulous planning, learning from the experiences of others, and also continuously educating yourself about market changes and consumer behavior are vital components in the quest for profitability and overall business success.

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