Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How To Overcome Procrastination

So you've read the books and took the courses and now it's go time... it's go time... go time... I SAID GO!!!!

How to take the first step when challeged with something new and why its so hard to do so...

Who here has ever procrastinated starting something new? I know your out there. I know I am not the only one raising my hand in here. Failure to launch as I call it, is a common problem that most people in our industry face when learning something new.

See if these following scenarios sound familiar:

Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring book arrives in the mail and you tear it open and read the whole thing and think wow that makes a lot of sense, I should do that! Then you put the book down and turn on the TV and NEVER pick it up again (but you think about it)...

You start reading the the material and think, "That sounds way too complicated!" You feel overwhelmed aaand... Down goes the book, never to be picked up again...

My favorite scenario(and one i'm personally guilty of): read the material, it's genius but... before I can do any of it I need to learn, comprehend, judge, think and master everything before implementing it. Again the book is put away while you go about spinning your wheels into poverty.

I hope you can see the pattern developing here right? YOU have to TAKE ACTION!! God I hate when people tell me the OBVIOUS TRUTH. I am sure you can relate to the scenerios above in some way. I know I suffered from chronic procrastination for years. It wasn't until my "why" got strong enough that I was able to get leverage on myself and start the ball rolling. I remember having a battle in my mind when ever I heard someone tell me "take action"

Well what does "TAKE ACTION" mean and why is it so hard to do? Take Action is defined in the dictionary as: to start doing something. umm.. Duh! START is the key word and taking that first step can be the hardest thing you do in your business. There are a plethora of psychological reasons what cause us to not act but, mostly it's feeling not comfortable. People will avoid anything that is uncomfortable like the plague. In my own experience I had to endure enough pain that I was forced to catapult myself out of my comfort zone. Think about your own situation. What obstacles have you had to over come? How did you over come them?

As a leader in your business how do you help your new people and your stagnated ones get up and running and taking action? The answer hit me just the other day as I was watching a video from Eben Pagan for his gurumaster mind program. He used the phrase, "the speed of implementation" which just rang true to me and I had an a-ha type moment. I realized that successful people strike while the iron is hot, in other words they implement what they learn as they learn it.

What if I could help someone over come procrastination by making it so rediculously easy that it virtually eliminates all discomfort. Take Building on a Budget, I think Mike designs great products that are easy to understand but not everyone can take something read in a book and translate that to ACTION. They need a kick in the rear! So I created a series of camtasia videos, a work book and a check list that basically baby steps my prospects and team members through every step of getting started using Magnetic Sponsoring and Building on a Budget as well as other tools. Its very simple but it has been working really well. (My first videos were rough but they worked)

Take the three examples I used earlier:

The first person is just lazy or doesn't have their "why" clear in their head. You give them a starting point that is super easy to implement; another medium that re-enforces what they just learned and gets them up and running.

The second person is probably intimidated by their computer and is technologically challenged. This person couldn't even begin to understand what a funded proposal is let alone set up a capture page or how to get a domain name registered. Giving them a video to watch that holds their hand the whole way makes it far less intimidating.

As for The third person, they suffer from analysis paralysis. You need to take their mind out of it by givingthem a frame work, a place to start. "Do this first, then this, etc..."

The best thing of all I have been able to gain additional affiliate comissions from the various service providers and tools I recommend. I turn around and show them this complete system and becomes a win win for everyone. Not to mention the affilate commissions earned when they implement your suggested hosting, registrar, tools, etc... Two week's ago I didn't know how to use Camtasia nor had I ever made a internet video but I took ACTION because I genuinely wanted to solve this for myself and my team. Try it, it works.


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