Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why, They Never Bring Up The Revolving Door . . .

You're excited, you just joined a business you feel a strong connection to, you call your sponsor and you're ready to hit the ground running. So, you ask. What should I do first? In most cases what your going to hear from your sponsor is go to “abc leads” and pick up some leads. “Just pick the package that works best for your budget”.

So, here you are new to this business and you’re a real go getter and your going right to the top. You tell yourself, the most lead I can call through the faster my star will rise to the top. You desperately want the lifestyle or the win the free car promotion your company is running. Your thinking to yourself, “all I have to do is just get a few”, and your network marketing dreams will come true.

So with you get the mega lead package. Of course when you tell your sponsor, they praise your and wish you the best of luck. Your sponsor provides you’re with your teams powerful, easy to write script that has a “3% conversion ratio”. You think to yourself, this will be a piece of cake, meanwhile doing the math in your head about your uncollected sign ups and commissions.

You have just taken the bait and are already trapped. That said, let’s continue. With leads in hand you pick up the phone and commit to call at least 25-30 people each day. The first day go a little something like this... 12 disconnections, 10 answering machines, 1 claim’s to have not requested any information and 2 seem to be interested. You so excited that you shared your opportunity to with two callers and directed them to your website and setup follow up calls for the next day.

The very next day you’re optimistic that you’re going to close at once one of the two prospects you spoke with the day before. Today you actually get more folks that actually remember requesting information, 3 more that your share your opportunity with, but you get at least 10 people that blast you out of the water for disrupting their quiet family time with your “pills and potions pushing”. Just a little hurt, you say to yourself that your tough and a few nasty comments are not going to stand in your way.

Be this time, it’s time for your follow-up calls. And guess what? They are a no show. You say that’s OK because you have two more to three more the next day.

Fast forward a month and you've hammered through your leads. You got your script down pat, and have a few more promising follow up calls that never pan out. You say I guess this is a little harder than I thought. You buy your next month of leads and do it all over again with the same results.

Again, you buy another month worth of leads and do it all over again with the same results.By this time you seek advise from your sponsor as to what your doing wrong, he or she gets on the phone with your and a few calls and tells your you’re doing everything right and it’s just a matter of time before get your first sign-up or commission. With the backing and confidant's from your sponsor your get back on your horse and get started on you’re next months worth of leads.

By this time you start to question ask yourself this question? “When I do get someone sponsored are they going to spend over $2,000 to get this opportunity off the ground?

Your mind says . . . "No way!"You start to get suspicious of how all this duplication stuff works, but you keep going. Two months later you're $3000 in the whole and you cut it off. You think to yourself, “Why didn’t it work?”Well, you see it does work, but just not for you as the newbie. And here why... on a larger scale your up line leaders business does grow following this model, because they have 100’s of folks like you and me out there calling thousands of people at our expense, basically to see if we can get someone to sick and start the process all over again.

Based on the laws of large numbers this theory will work. That’s why the people at the top consistently make money checks with commas and the folks on the bottom barely get by or lose.

A recent survey of the largest network marketing companies showed that nearly 45% of total commissions were on average distributed to less than 1% of all reps within the company.

So how do you make sure your business has a chance?

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